Hidden Deep, Alpha Demo Download

Hidden Deep, Alpha Demo Download

Hidden Deep is a 2D Sci-Fi horror platformer, made by Lukasz Kaluski, set in a deep cave/tunnel system where your mission is to rescue your fellow soldiers. The demo is available for download by joining the creator’s Discord server.

Dive underground with your fellow soldiers as you fight the creatures lurking within.

Experience the physics based gameplay and brutal deaths as you use your diverse arsenal of equipment to navigate the tunnels. From a grappling gun that can be used to climb or zip line across, to a scan ball that can be used to scout the area ahead and electrocute small creatures.

Call in additional men to replace your fallen soldiers and help you operate machinery and tunnel digging vehicles.

The mission must be accomplished at all costs. How many of your men will die before your mission is accomplished?

This game is inspired by Aliens, The Thing, and the first Half-Life. If you feel like you would be interested in the game and would like to stay up to date, make sure to follow the developer on Twitter.

Also, here’s a let’s play by youtuber SplatterCatGaming.

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