Hellish Quart, Pre-Alpha Narrated Gameplay Footage Released

Hellish Quart by Kubold

Hellish Quart, by game developer Kubold (an ex-CDPR / ex-People Can Fly developer), is a physics-based 3D sword dueling game that’s set in the 17th century with breathtaking environments and realistic character design.

New gameplay footage of the game was released, with one of the developers narrating it as he focuses on the game’s combat mechanics.

Generally speaking about the game, it’s is a historical fighting game of clashing swords, where it uses multiple techniques and motion capture tactics to deliver a fantastic looking gameplay moments.

You can play as one of the many warriors available in the game, and use sabers, rapiers, broadswords and all sorts of blades to clash with other bots in a single player campaign, or with others in a multiplayer session.

The smooth mechanics of the fighting style gives you incredible options like feinting, counter-strikes, grabbing, blocking and stunning.

There’s no set release date for the game, but it will release as an Early Access title on Steam.

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