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Games have been a good medium for telling interesting stories since their creation. Since video games are a medium that need interaction from the player, it allows them to really see and feel what their character is seeing and feeling and can make for great stories. Pirate Software’s newest title, Heartbound, is a great example of this. You play as a young boy named Lore who is out in the middle of the woods in a cabin with a relative and his best friend, Baron, who is a dog. You wake up in your room, get dressed and go to turn on the lights when the switch explodes and throws you across the room, waking Baron. He then goes over to you and asks if you are alright. After this short interaction, you are left with the simple task of feeding your dog, which sets off an array of events that leads you to have to save Baron from his alien kidnappers.

The game is very narrative driven, so there isn’t much in the way of game play, but with the little amount that there is, I was very satisfied and enjoyed how it did play. You are left to explore the world you are in and try to find a way forward. Sometimes you need to figure out a puzzle that will open the way and others you will just need to find that one key item that will open the door forward. The pixelated style of the game and the way it is used brings all the characters to life and makes the various environments look amazing. Along with the music that goes in the background, it makes for an amazing experience. It is currently being Kickstarted and with everything that is shown to be in the game, it makes me excited for the finished product.

Download the beta demo on the game’s Kickstarter page.

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