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Hardcode. A game where thinking is surviving. A 3rd-person shooter game where you need to find your way trough a maze of rooms by completing puzzles.

When you first startup the game, you enter a menu which looks a lot like the one’s you see in those old PacMan arcades, pixelated with some flashing colors. The game does not have any tutorial or whatsoever, where the developers have intentionally made it so that you need to discover the controls yourself.

When I was running around and shooting robots, I thought to myself; “maybe this is the new SuperHot”where the art style and gameplay simplicity reminds me of it. I hope that the developers will add some kind of backstory, where I’m asking myself; “why am I here? why are the robots here?” For now I think this game has a lot of potential. I myself am not that big of close quarters 3rd-person shooter games. But I really enjoyed the general look and feel of the game.

Download the pre-alpha demo on the game’s itch page.

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