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Hanako: Honor & Blade has had a very long and rocky development life. Being an indie developer means life gets in the way and an entire project can slow down or even come to a stop for a while because of the things we must deal with. Since 2005, Hanako has endured and grown into what it is today. Built in Unreal Engine 4, this online third-person deathmatch game is set in a Sengoku-Era Japan, modified into a re-imagined universe. When the Shogun dies and the land is up for grabs, the clan wars begin, and players are caught in the middle of it. Scrambling to claim something they can call home, the warriors fight and employ anything they can to secure victory. This also means potentially abandoning the Bushido code.

Currently, there is one game mode available, which can be experienced during the upcoming beta. Battle mode is the main campaign players will be frequenting in Hanako, and though it follows a story and game lore, it’s essentially a battle that keeps track of many statistics and scores. Examining your performance after battle will help you understand what worked, what didn’t, and how to approach your next encounter. This is an open battlefield where anything can happen. Running around and swinging a sword or flinging arrows around might work sometimes, but there are more tactical ways to approach a skirmish. Using environment props to hide, or even burning down cover is entirely possible, and hiring rogue warriors can turn the tide of battle, or completely dissolve your hopes of achieving victory. Many elements come into play in Hanako: Honor & Blade, so you can expect a fresh experience each battle.

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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