Hammer Dongers, Alpha Demo Download

Hammer Dongers, Alpha Demo Download

Hammer Dongers is a fast paced, up to 4 player, party game developed by Crave for the Ludum Dare 42. The game is in alpha and there is a demo available to download on its Itch page.

In this game, every player selects a knight and then you are all sent to a grid-like arena where you must battle it out. The hammer may be your primary weapon but you can still collect items and place traps.

The entire ground is destructible allowing you to destroy the terrain around your opponent to beat them. Smacking a square on the floor with your hammer will destroy it while smacking a grid line will destroy all squares adjacent to it.

If you can break off a section then that whole area will get destroyed, with anyone on top of it. The lighter (smaller) section will always be the one that crumbles so make sure to stay on the heavier side! If the two sections are equal they both will break together. Either way, the longer you survive, the more area breaks off and the less places you will have to move around.

You can dodge roll to quickly avoid danger which moves you three squares in the direction you choose but be careful as obstacles will stop the roll!

If you feel like you would be interested in this game and would like to stay up to date, then make sure to join the game’s Discord server.

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