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I recently just realized that if you take the name of a job or an object and put ‘space’ on the front of it, you either sound really silly or make the coolest thing ever. Space cop and space gun – cool. Space entrepreneur and space catalog – silly. Space theif and space sword – super awesome. In SkyPyre’s newest action RPG, Halen, you are a space theif named Halen who ends up finding a charismatic space sword that you aptly name Sharp, on accident. She finds him while on a mission to find an ancient artifact from the planet of Teltona, hidden in the same temple where you also find Sharp, who binds himself to you the moment that you grab him. As you are trying to get out of the temple, you learn more about what happened to the ancient civilization and why Halen is there. It makes for an interesting dynamic and some fun game play.

You have two weapons, Sharp the space sword and your plasma revolver. The revolver has two mode, rapid fire and single shot. The single shot does a lot more damage, but ends up limiting your movement as you have to take careful aim with your gun, while the rapid fire doesn’t do nearly as much damage but allows you to fully move with no issues. You are able to dash with your sword, which will take out any enemy that stands in your way so long as they don’t have nay heavy armor. You can also use this to help you traverse the levels and find secrets and caves.There is also a score mechanic that is implemented, so if you want to try to get the best score you will want to kill enemies as fast as possible with as little space between them for a high score. So far, there is only 10 levels available in the beta, but it shows that the game has improved quite a bit from when it was in its alpha stage, improving the game play, graphics, story, and everything else. When this game is finally finished, it will certainly be one to look out for.

Download the open beta on the game’s website.

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