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It has been a while since I have been able to play a shooter that was not only good looking and fun to play, but who’s title essentially tells you all you need to know about the game. GUN☆CAT is that game. It is a 3D, Indie, Action-shooter being featured on currently with its first prototype. The title tells you a lot of what is going on with the game. You are a cat that dual-wields a pair of guns. Your objective is to blast through anything that is in your way to your objective.

The enemies that will try to stop you are a bunch of unfeeling, merciless robots. There are some that crawl along the ground and try to ram into you, while there are others that are equipped with guns and motors to take you down at range, while there are others that are covered in armor and have a massive saw blade that they will chase you around with. Like all enemies in any game, these require a little bit of strategy to take down, but the type of gun you bring into the fight matters a little bit more.

There are a variety of weapons that you can find to help you make your way to the objective and all have their own gimmick that makes them more effective. You start with two long-range firearms. These have the best range out of all the guns so far, but they do little damage until you shoot the third shot, where they will shoot a bigger shot and deal double damage. There is a shotgun weapon that requires you to hold down the fire button. The good news is that it does the most damage out of all of your weapons. The last one you will run into is a freeze gun. It has medium range and does no damage, but will freeze an enemy in place if you keep it on them long enough. This helps with the enemies that require you to shoot a particular part of their body to deal damage.

The game only has one level with the current build, but I had a good time with what is there now and look forward to any further updates.

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