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Imagine you’re working as a bellhop at a nice hotel. Sounds fun already, I love this. Life couldn’t get any better now that we’re a bellhop. But it could definitely get worse. Ground Floor Z: you probably just pressed the wrong button, that’s ok, you can try a different floor! Oh no! It looks like people are getting eaten on this floor as well! Just equip that gun that comes standard issue with the bellhop gig and maybe you can save our butts! Ground Floor Z is a 2D action shooter where you never leave the elevator, and you have to save as many of the living as you can.

In this small but challenging game, you get simple controls. Use WASD or the arrow keys and move up or down to switch between floors. Then you can press left or right to fire once in that direction. The zombies and survivors will rush toward the elevator on each floor and wait until you move to that level. If you leave a survivor waiting too long and an undead catches up with them, there’s a good chance that person is about to become dinner. There are a couple different types of undead, and a multiplier for your score that accumulates as you make consecutive rescues. Try not to shoot the living, cause then you break that chain. You have five hearts health, and any time a person is killed, either by your gun or the zombies, you lose health and it’s game over when enough survivors are no longer survivors.

Download the alpha on GameJolt.

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Footage via Brimming Teacup

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