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If doing dope kickflips and rad ollies isn’t your beat, then what about doing those kickflips and ollies on killer robots?

Grind Day is a 2D auto-scrolling platformer where you’ll play as a kid proving himself to be the best skateboarder in town. His town also so happens to be inhabited by robots and precariously placed electronics. Getting hit by the robots won’t kill you, rather, you’ll take a small hit to your health, which can be replenished with pick-ups on the level. There are a few obstacles that will insta-kill you, and one robot enemy will throw your skateboard if you kickflip too late

The controls are simple, you can do a short jump, or hold the jump button to propel yourself higher. Pressing the jump while mid-air does a kickflip that can knock down the robotic enemies. If you do enough tricks (like knocking down robots with or killing them with items), you’ll fill up the POWER meter. With a full POWER meter, you can now kick out your skateboard from underneath you and kill the robots dead on.

The level design in Grind Day is cleverly layered. While it is possible, and perhaps easiest, to just skate along the bottom layer, simply jumping over obstacles, higher layers will yield more points, and net a higher score. Traveling through top levels of the stage is difficult; it’s easy to drop below. But if you can manage, you’ll have a radical score to boast.

The chip-tune soundtrack and pixel art style lend well to the nostalgic nature of the game. Some of the levels can get frustrating, especially when navigating the top-heavy, but it’s hard to get mad with a catchy soundtrack accompanying you. Download the free demo for a bodacious time.

Download the beta on Gamejolt.

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