Grime, Alpha Demo Download

Grime, Alpha Demo Download

Grime is a side scrolling action adventure game, that gets VERSION DOWNLOAD that you can download over at its G.Round page. It’s being developed by Clover Bite.

You play as a newly created creature cause by world events, perhaps catastrophese, in which you’ll be fighting enemies for your survival, as you consume them and gain their powers/abilities, providing you with your own unique gameplay experience as you mix up those traits to defeat other enemies that you’d encounter. This mechanic reminds us of what’s been done in the Mega Man series, but seems to be more focused or personalised gameplay.

An unusual material collapses in on itself, the world shudders and contracts, and suddenly you are squeezed into existence. What awaits you is a world unknown, alien in its own familiarity, and you must survive what terrors you face. Explore your surreal surroundings, absorb the many enemies you encounter, and use their own traits against them as you let yourself become far more than you once were.

If you enjoyed playing the VERSION, and would like to keep up to date with the game’s development, then make sure to check out and follow the it’s Twitter account.

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