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Simulator games are a great medium to give people some insite on specific topics and jobs that someone wouldn’t usually think about or even consider doing. Flight simulator, Truck driving simulators, and even janitorial simulators. Well, Lazy Bear Games has added a new title to the genre called Gaveyard Keeper, where you are the keeper of a graveyard. Sounds simple, but it is anything but. Your main job is to make your graveyard into a thriving business. Now, how would you go about doing that? Well you use everything that is at your disposal, of course. You can make deals with the local blood bank to take blood off of the corpses for people that need them. The dead certainly won’t need to have that. While you are at it, sell the limbs too. But don’t sell all of them. You might be able to attract people by making hotdogs out of the parts. Just make sure to cook it well. Very well. You yourself can even go on an adventure through the nearby dungeons to gain additional resources and other items.

There are many ways to profit off of foolish adventurers who were unfortunate to have met an early demise. But, you will need to be careful. Sometimes the dead doesn’t stay dead and there are plenty of spirits that will refuse to move on and will lash out at whoever happens to be nearby. You are also able to go through the nearby dungeons to try your luck at finding treasure and more resources to further help your graveyard. However you go about creating your graveyard is up to you. The game is said to release sometime in the summer of this year for both the PC and the Xbox One. Grave keeping is easy. Trying to make a business out of it, that is the hard part.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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