Gran Turismo Sport – Beta Sign-Up (PS4)

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If you’re all up in the mix on the racing scene, particularly frequenting the Gran Turismo boards, mark your calendars for March 17th. The closed beta for Gran Turismo Sport will open for sign-ups, and you’re not gonna want to miss this experience, unless you’re cool with waiting for the full release, then by all means, remain in your seat. For those willing to jump in the drivers’ side behind the wheel, get set cause Gran Turismo is taking you for a ride, all across the world. Focusing on the competitive multiplayer side of racing games, GT Sport will set up tracks to host races for players all over the world as they race for the highest spot on the leaderboard.

This installment of Gran Turismo isn’t just a race online and see who has the best times kind of game, Gran Turismo Sport is a project developed to see how much more the team can bring to online competitive racing. Two rating systems have been implemented to ensure equal matchmaking for players, the Sportsmanship and Driver Ratings. Sportsmanship Rating is the evaluation of your behaviour on the track, while your Driver Rating will track your performance as a racer. These will tie into your racer profile online which can be checked on your overview page, which will give readings for your ratings and other stats. The beta will be available for US & EU PSN IDs only, and servers will be open at certain times as to accommodate the teams’ hours in Tokyo as they monitor and administrate the event. Check that link below and keep an eye out for the announcements involving times and the actual opening for sign-ups!

Sign-up for the beta on the US region on the Playstation website. EU region.

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