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The old first-person shooter games were really quick paced. There was almost an unstoppable flow of action that could ramp up at any moment with the introduction of a new enemy or a new weapon for the player. Gorescript is an ode to these old style FPS games. It is very fast paced and follows the same formula as games like Doom, but with a nice pixelated skin over everything. The game gives you a pixel shotgun and pixel hammer and lets you loose in 18+ levels as you try to locate the end while fighting off hoards of blocky enemies. As you go explore the levels, you will locate several pickups that are not only essential, but change the way the game can be played. You have your usual health and armor pickups along with keys needed to unlock specific colored doors. There are also utility pickups. One I was able to find was a pair of Bloodthirsty Goggles. This causes you to be unable to grab any more health pickups, but every kill that happens in the world restores a portion of your health, calling for a little bit of a more aggressive play style.

The game also has an array of options to make it challenging for players of varying skill. You have easy, normal, difficult, hard, and the last one appropriately named masochistic. This affects enemy health and damage. Just on normal, the enemies are relentless and if they see you, will chase you down until they catch you or shoot you. They only have one goal and that is your eradication. There are also a few modifiers that you can set. One of them is called blackout, where there are no lights and you have to explore the levels in the dark. Your only source of light is the flash from your gun. All you can do is hope that when you shoot, you will actually hit something. The game also calls for a lot of replayability as it does that thing where there are secrets everywhere. Every time I had to restart, I found a new secret room filled with a bunch of goodies that makes you wish yo had found it before and a lot of them are next to impossible to find without running up to every wall, hoping to hit the next jackpot. This game very much resembles the first-person shooters of old and makes me happy to know that there will be more levels upon the game’s completion.

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