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GOLDRUSHERS is a lot more fun than what you’d think a gold rush competitive multiplayer would be. You and your fellow humans have gone west to strike it rich. The only thing is, this isn’t a simple elbow-rubbin trip to the river to pan for gold. Instead, you’ve got a safe to fill, a dollar amount goal and there can only be one lucky prospector who will trot away flossin. There are three rounds in GOLDRUSHERS and the goal is to fill your safe with enough valuables to reach the goal amount before your opponents. Currently, the game only supports 4-player local multiplayer, but online matchmaking would be an awesome addition if the development heads in that direction. There’s one map and three zones, each with a new safe to fill and a higher amount.

Now, you have a set inventory and can only carry four things at a time before you need to head back to your safe and dump your rocks or goats (yeah you can collect farm animals and toss them in there too). There is a little pickup I found that increases your inventory to six items, which is wicked useful, especially if you want to carry a couple sticks of dynamite to blast the place up. The first two zones have more than enough resources to bust open and find gold, but the third and final stage gets wild. It ends with a little town, and a ton of dynamite laying everywhere. There’s more dynamite than actual things to blow up, and it’s rather upsetting in a way. However despite that last bit, GOLDRUSHERS plays smoothly and is an awesome foundation for a multiplayer title that can host a ton of different features that would make competitive multiplayer super fun.

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