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Going Nowhere: The Dream was actually the title of my autobiography that never got published, but now there’s a game under that name that isn’t sad and pathetic like my life. This first person adventure game puts players in an open world that’s just an endless city. If you’ve played the first game, you’re aware that this city is an endless place that exists in another realm. You parkour your way through the city that apparently belongs to this cute lady who has nothing but nice things to say about the place, despite how empty and mundane it may seem. Though the game feels as if the environments are a little bare, this only drive the focus toward your next encounter with a character. Aside from the cute lady, there’s another girl who actually feels trapped in this realm, and she warns that those who come to this place will stay here forever, and will die here as well.

I really recommend playing the first game, as it does a great job getting the player acquainted with the world. There’s a strange atmosphere about the place, and the second installment is a much more cinematic experience. You will be running and climbing your way about the city, but this time instead of just discovering the things that this city hides, you’re looking for your friend who goes missing shortly after the two of you enter the place. Now you’ll be tearing through the place to figure out what happened to your friend, all while discovering the dark things that make this place truly remarkable and slightly unsettling at the same time. Going Nowhere: The Dream expands upon the functionality of the first game, adding a few things that make the game feel a bit more rounded than the first. I won’t spoil it for you, so check out the first game, it’s fairly short, then you can join the developer’s Discord server to listen for an announcement when the alpha testing begins.

Sign-up for the alpha by joining the game’s discord and ask to be a tester there.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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