Ghostrunner, Beta Sign Up

Ghostrunner, Demo Download

Ghostrunner is a first person action adventure parkour slasher that has beta sign-ups live, where you can register for its upcoming test by joining their Discord server, a game developed by Slipgate Ironworks.

In the game you play as a merciless blade fighter with advanced tech, a monomolecular katana and a thirst for justice as you have to confront Mara, the key master who is a ruthless tyrant with an iron fist with little regard for human life.

You are the last line of defense for humans in this grim cyberpunk megastructure, where you have to climb up the Dharma Tower to pursue a world-ending catalyst.

You can hack ‘n slash your enemies, dodge bullets, destroy everyone with your superhuman abilities and utilize an arsenal of epic weapons.

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