Getting Bitcoin Playing Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)


You will be able to obtain Bitcoin, some Satoshes, from playing Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), as the development at ZEBEDEE have decided to create a small software, which is utilising the power of the Lightning Network, that will enable people to obtain Bitcoin through online matches, betting or otherwise, where you will obtain or lose them through the power of your skills against others.

The idea came about where they thought to themselves that creating games from the ground up for Bitcoin is pretty hard, so instead of doing that, they thought to bring Bitcoin to popular games instead, which seemed to be much more easier, and that would be much more effective at increasing the adoption of this new monetary system.

With this piece of news and advancement in industry, as well as the soaring prices of Bitcoin where it seems like every day we’re achieving a new all-time-high in its dollar price, mainstream adoption is increasing at an increasing rate.

Check out their livestream where they showcased their new systems in action over at Twitch (head over to 1:39:00).

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