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How would you feel if you had awoken to randomly in the middle of space. Completely alone and afraid. But, then you realize something. Something very important. You are a robot. This is the premise of Gears of Eden. You awake one day as a space rover on an asteroid in the middle of who-knows-where space. You are completely alone. Humanity as long since died out and you don’t have the proper equipment for long-range communications. So, what do you do in this situation? You scavenge materials and try to build something to help you survive and to help you find answers to why you have sentience and what your purpose is now.

Gears of Eden is a 3D survival sci-fi game where you have to scavenge what you can from old equipment and from the asteroid itself to survive long enough to be able to get an answer to one of your many questions. Along the way, you do find other robots who have also suddenly found themselves possessing sentience. You can get missions from them that will not only help you in your quest, but also drive the narrative of the story forward.

Explore the open world while trying to build a new society for you and your newfound robot kin. Mankind is now only referred to in myths and legends and you still need to find out the question that has plague even humanity for thousands of years. Why are we here?

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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