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Pure adventure and discoveries await in the upcoming adventure/puzzle game Future Unfolding by Spaces of Play. In this top-down trip through euphoric landscapes, players will be peeling back the layers of this world to discover what lies beneath nature. The game might seem like paradise, and in some cases it just may be, however there are challenges and puzzles that will be thrown into the mix to keep players on their toes in some instances. Not everything is benign, as there will be wildlife present in the world of course. Some species may be there to help the player solve puzzles, while others are there to hunt. The game is centered around the player and their freedom to navigate and map out their own path in this world.

Future Unfolding is about discovery, so players will be rewarded should they stray from what may seem to be the guiding path through this world. Some areas hide awesome secrets, others might be a little more unforgiving. The game auto-maps the places the player visits, so getting lost is encouraged. In fact, what’s the objective here? In Future Unfolding, the player decides where to go and what to do. If you don’t have an apatite for adventure, you’ll have a tough time motivating yourself through these gorgeous environments. Discovery is the drive that leads players from location to location, and what is hidden in this universe is but a million mysteries only you can solve. There’s a wide variety of landscapes to explore, unique areas to check out and puzzles that lead to more fresh locales to visit.

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