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Somewhere in the ruins emerging from the light of the planet’s core is an adventurer reaching for new heights. Fusion Point is a 3D platformer student project made in Unreal Engine 4 full of gorgeous art, beautifully assembled levels and all the running, jumping and dashing you could hope for. The current production build features a tutorial sequence (which is really challenging) and a single level to play through, woven in all kinds of puzzles for the player to tackle like it was a jungle gym. There are no enemies in the build, but there’s a mystery that the levels convey in a subtle manner. The object is to traverse the level from start to finish, passing through checkpoints along the way. There’s a lot of wall-running, double-jumping and dashing going on, and when you’ve used up all your jumps and dash stamina, you’ll be struggling to squeeze that extra foot of distance in to reach the next stable ground.

Moving platforms, light barriers and recharge fields are scattered throughout the environments. Sometimes you’ll have to shoot a target with your light ball to activate a floating platform. In most cases, this platform is unstable, and drops soon after the player lands on it. The levels are designed to push the player to use the character’s full potential, but some sections of the map leave a tiny bit of room to catch yourself on if you time and execute your movements just right. The player gets a double jump, and a dash stamina meter, so after two jumps and enough power to perform about a dash and a half, you have to wait for your meter to refill, and it’s fairly quick. Although if you miss your target and freefall, you most likely won’t be falling long enough for another dash to become available. In some sections, there’s a large ring that will replenish your dashes and jumps if you leap through it. There’s a lot of wonderful art to take in while you traverse the levels and solve the puzzles in Fusion Point, so enjoy this small production build!

Download the student game on its website.

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