Freeman: Star Edge – Alpha Download

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Will Freeman: Star Edge satisfy your hunger to play an ambitious games where others failed? Find out by downloading its alpha and give it a go, and see if it’ll follow up on its ambition.

Wander space and encounter grand fleets, mine and gather or engage in epic space combat. There are many distinct worlds to explore and inhabit, where you’ll find opportunities to trade, grab a drink and a job at the bar or wage battle in towns, cities and wilderness in first or third person perspectives. Plan your squads’ tactics: take it slow and steady with camouflage and suppressed weapons or attack the enemy full throttle with automatic weapons, sniper rifles and grenades. Customize your personal ship, build your home and assemble a team of mercenaries and unique companions. Improve your home planet by building industries.

Download the alpha on the game’s IndieDB page.

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