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I feel another awesome co-op coming on and it looks like a top-down action game rendered in pixel art filled with an array of rad monsters. We hope you like the creatures, because the game revolves around squashing them and becoming one yourself. This is like the opposite of an outbreak survival, instead of avoiding the plague like the plague, you let the plague in. Beat the crap out of those monsters (I guess kick them to death with your human legs?) then suck up that essence so you can mutate into it and use its abilities. Sounds wicked, so grab your friends, maybe just three of them, and jump in for monster thrashing and egg-laying.

Randomly generated levels set the stage for this 1-4 player monster brawl, and the action is non-stop from screen to screen. In Freaky Awesome, you can beat up monsters and then heal yourself by walking into their remains. This health regeneration comes at a cost, as you risk turning into one of them yourself. Maybe you’re into that kind of thing, maybe you wanna be a weak human and just continue running around kicking things, who knows. There’s a crazy variation in the creature design, as well as the abilities they possess. Some types of creatures might be advantageous to mutate into in order to take out other types, but let’s face it, the weird Houndeye-looking thing that lays eggs will probably be the most fun.

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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