Fortnite: Battle Royale – Open Beta Download [Preview]

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a battle royale game, one that you can download its beta right now, inspired by games like PUBG and H1Z1, developed by Epic Games. The rules of the game are simple, 100 people go in, only 1 person comes out, or more depending on the mode you’re playing. Each player starts off on the “Battle Bus” which will fly over the map, so that people can jump and fall to a certain location. Fortnite draws an uncanny resemblance to the hit game PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds, some people might say it’s a direct clone of the game. The game has a very similar UI, and game mechanics.

When each round starts, you must loot buildings for weapons, and healing items, such as, bandages, and medkits. As the round progresses there is a force field that constantly shrinks at different intervals, which forces the players closer, and closer together. This makes things more tense, and dangerous as you try to fight your way until you’re the last man standing.

The game, in my opinion is just a free, less graphics intense version of PUBG, almost everything is identical, from the third person perspective, to the UI, it’s almost as if it were a carbon copy. The game does do somethings differently however, such as there is no weapon attachments to pick up, nor is the a first person aiming perspective. As well as the games main selling point, which is the building aspect, which I find to be a useful mechanic. You can prop up a well for cover while you’re being shot at, or you can build a stair case up a hill instead of going around. The best part is that you can run while you’re building, so you don’t have to wait for something to be done so you can use it.

I don’t really have too many complaints about the game, except to how identical it is to PUBG, they could’ve tried to have been more unique, and try to stand out more, instead of just being a clone. There are other things that aren’t too great either, there is no character customization at all, no vehicles, and the map does feel a little small for a battle royale type game.

This game isn’t too bad if you want a free game to mess around with friends in, or just have a bit of fun, since it’s free there’s really no harm in just trying it out.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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