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Well, another undead hoard has made its ugly face known on the face of the planet. Time to grab your whip, put on your armor, and get ready to explore the new 2D pixellated action adventure, Forsaken Castle, made by Duck Block Games.

You start as a young adventurer, who has been told of an abandoned castle that has been overrun by the undead and demons. Your job is to clear the destroy the source that caused all these monsters to appear. This is sort of like if you mixed Metroid with Castlevania. The control scheme and control timers are very identical to the original Castlevania. What I mean is that when you use your whip, it has a good amount of delay on it before it can go out. Your jump is very concise and very tight, so after a few jumps, you can get a good feel for what you can clear and what you cannot.

Here is where the Metriod part come in. As you explore and progress through the castle, you will come across various obstacles that you will be unable to bypass with just your whip. You find various items and upgrades throughout the castle that will help you overcome these roadblocks and also give your armory a shiny, new weapon. The music is nice and eerie, the environment looks fantastic, and the enemies are all designed and placed in a way where you have to think before you make your move. That is, unless you want to join the ever-increasing horde of the undead.

Download the pre-alpha demo on the game’s indieDB page.

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