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Strategy RPG games were always tough for me. I’m not much for strategy and am no good in looking ahead and trying to keep my units alive. In IronOak’s recent early access release, For the King, they also decided to throw in a little sprinkle of Rougelike elements into the game so that for each new game I had to start, I found out a new way that my units could get dismantled and crushed. You start the game with a rag-tag group of villagers who have been requested by the Queen to help save their land or Fahrul. Ever since the King was assassinated, an evil force called the Chaos has been taking over the land, causing mayhem and death all over. In a desperate gambit, the Queen turned to the villagers of the land to try to step up and take down this evil. You choose what class of civilian that makes up your party of three. You can choose from a hunter, to a blacksmith, to an herbalist. They all have their pros and cons and it is up to you as to what you want to prioritize.

For every action that you take, there is an element of luck to it. Think of it like a coin-toss, except that your stats can effect the success or failure rate of the action being taken. Your speed stat will determine how many spaces you can move. The higher the stat, the higher the change to get more movement. Same goes for strength and combat, intelligence for magic and so on. As you progress, you will meet many foes and monsters that will try to block your way. Battle is turn-based and very brutal. One miss-click or just a bad roll of the dice could spell death for your whole party, even at the very beginning of the game. To get stronger, you will need to fight many battles, take many side-quests, find many artifacts and legendary weapons to be able to make your way through the world. Remember, you aren’t fighting for glory or for riches, you are fighting for your village and your country.

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