Fluffy Horde – Beta Sign-up

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If you love bunnies then we’ve got one fantastic game to show you. Fluffy Horde, a 2D sidescrolling strategy game that combines both RTS and Tower Defense gameplay mechanics, covered with some lovely pixel art, a calming soundtrack, and lots of bunnies that are controlled by a misunderstood Shaman wander that, after being rejected by all three kingdoms that he have visited, decided to conquer them all with a horde of bunnies.

So in the game you’ll have to defend/free cities from the terrifying yet adorable bunnies, in the tower-defense/RTS style of play with hours of supposedly addicting gameplay, which comes from the 70 cities you’ll have to free.

The developers need some outside help testing out the game, and they’re especially looking for developers to test some features out and get their thoughts and feedback on them. I personally hope to play it, it looks like a fun game that’ll also melt my heart from how cute it looks and plays.

Sign up for the beta by join the game’s Discord server.

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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