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It looks like the rest, but also looks really appealing somehow.. maybe it’s because of the helicopter and how calm it looks, or the floating islands? Floatlands is a first person open world exploration adventure survival shooter, where you hop from one floating island to another.

You’ll find and discover different landmarks as you question its history (if there is one), check out dark and maybe spooky caves, and chat with NPCs as you take on an army of robots trying to kill you with objective of not dying yourself. Mine, craft and don’t die.. the usual stuff.

But outside of the usual, you’ll be presented with random quests and / or events based on the island your on, from defending a point, collecting items or resources, or go exploring a certain area. Build your own base / shelter as you try to defend it and yourself from the hords of robot enemies. The need to find and utilize electricity for various machines and tools, and much more.

Sign-up for the alpha via the game’s mailing list.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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