Flipper Volcano, Released On PC

Flipper Volcano, released on PC

Flipper Volcano, a 2D arcade pinball style game by Sokpop Collective, has just been released on PC. It is available on both Windows and Mac. You can purchase and download it at their Itch page.

The idea of this game is to try and outrun the lava in the volcano and shoot into higher levels. Attempt to beat your high score in endless mode and unlock all the 5 characters. It is of importance to mention that this game uses procedurally generated worlds. This means that no world will be the same as the other, as the game’s algorithm is what determines what appears, ensuring you will never get bored. This also means you will not memorize the level and truly challenge yourself every time you play.

Sokpop Collective is a group of 4 game designers from Utrecht who have been working in this field since 2017. They release a game every two weeks and you can subscribe to their Patreon for 3$ to get 2 of their games every month!

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