Flappy Bird With RTX, Prototype Download, Other Games We’d Like To Get The Same Treatment

Flappy Bird With RTX, Other Games We’d Like To See With RTX

Update: Flappy Bird With RTX is now available for download on its itch page. Can you PC run Flappy Bird with RTX on? 😉

This Flappy Bird enthusiast, known as Fat Dino on Youtube, decided to re-create the very addictive, high intensity side-scroller mobile game, into an epic smooth simulation using today’s Unreal Engine 4 with Nvidia’s RTX being enabled.

This evil genius goes through his process of making the game, from spawning obstacles, adding the bird model with glide and flight animation and implementing simple controls to play with the bird, then shows us how the background works to make the bird look like its moving without sacrificing FPS. That is, unless you’re running the game on a non-RTX supported graphics card / GPU.

For some nostalgic reason, I want to see the 1999 Ski Free game in first-person and 3D graphics, it would be very interesting to see how smooth the mechanics would be in RTX as you ski away from the dreadful bloodthirsty bear.

Another two picks we’d like to see is Disney’s Tarzan and Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, although these were not entirely that old, but seeing the graphics of the city and jungle in 3D, as well as those sweet combat mechanics, would look great in RTX.

And lastly, Pepsi Man would look really dope, just the way all the obstacles vary, and how you flip, slide and jump would be very interesting to see in both its original third person view, as well as true-first-person, with RTX enabled.

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