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Firstborn is a tactical RPG being developed by ElstonStudios. You take control of a team of soldiers that are being have to fight from island to island. The gameplay is central around environmental kills rather than beating something with a sword. Most of the combat is central around positioning and moving the enemies into deadly traps or pitfalls. Some of the enemies also leave their own environmental hazards either as an action or on death which really requires players to think out their strategies to be successful.

You get access to two characters in the Pre-Alpha. The Gladiator who uses his strength and a Slaver who has his whip. The only “attack” that the Gladiator has is to shove whatever objects that are around him a few spaces, while the Slaver brings them to him and has a longer range. The Gladiator can push enemies into walls that have spikes built into them or into pits and the Slaver does exactly the opposite. As you go through the game, you will get more and more abilities and skills for your characters that will make them more effective in battle. When you reach the end of a series of islands, you will arrive at a boss. The bosses are tough as it requires you to observe your surroundings and the boss itself and try to puzzle together how to damage the boss. The gameplay of Firstborn really puts and emphasis on the tactics needed to get through the game and make it really unique.

Download the pre-alpha demo on indiedb.

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