Fights in Tight Spaces, Beta Demo Download

Fights in Tight Spaces is a deck-building turn-based tactics fighting game made by Ground Shatter. The game is currently in beta and has a demo of the first mission available to download on Steam.

This game is a stylish and unique blend of deck-building and turn-based tactics. It reminded me of Slay the Spire, because in both games you collect cards as you clear each stage and make your way down your path of your choice. You will encounter enemies in turn-based combat that you will have to knock out with the moves you’ve collected. From high damaging moves to moves that push around your enemies, you will find yourself redirecting enemy attacks and shoving them into one another while dealing significant damage and avoiding their hits. With over 150 cards to collect, you will be able to create a deck that suits your playstyle. Will you fail or will you make your way through the map and defeat the boss at the end?

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