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Fatal Velocity (or Project Physics as it’s been known) started out in Unreal Engine 3 and has been an evolving project over many years until it has reached its modern concept. The idea of this project is to host an FPS multiplayer battle where the players manipulate the environment to take out their foes. Inspired by the damage system implemented in Super Smash Bros, players in Fatal Velocity will accumulate damage as the game goes on, the higher the damage, the further you fly when you’re hit. This mechanic will be a really interesting component when implemented in a new Unreal Engine 4 IP, and the developer is hoping that the game will create unique and hysterical moments in-game.

The project does not have a working demo currently, however there are plans to release a prototype, which is like a pre-alpha, so it may evolve into something way different than the first iteration. The core of the game is centered around the physics-based weaponry like the pull gun which can manipulate terrain as well as act like a grappling gun. Players will be swinging their way around maps and trying to master the art of quickly performing an attack while maintaining your navigation across the map without falling and dying yourself. The pull gun will also be able pull the player along terrain, so instead of just running, you can fire the pull beam from your gun and it’ll drag you, allowing you to have better control of your momentum during takeoff if you’re planning on jumping and swinging off the side of a tower. The force gun is another weapon that allows the player to blast opponents away, or rocket jump by firing at the ground beneath their feet. This is an early look at Fatal Velocity, and the developer is keeping track of development on his YouTube channel.

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