Fallen Angel, Released On PC

Fallen Angel, Released On PC

Fallen Angel, a 2D action RPG with a pixel art style, has been released on Steam to purchase for a rounded up price of $20.

Play as Lucifer, as you slice through the gates of hell and experience the different realms of heaven. From old ruins to lush green valleys and even cyberpunk nightclubs, you will always have somewhere to explore.

Each of these realms is guarded by an archangel, their presence molding the very nature of the environment and the enemies in each realm. You will have to fight each one of them. They each have their own fighting style and patterns and you will have to rely on tactics and strategy in order to beat these boss battles.

As you advance in the game, you will be able to choose upgrades for your character to suit your own playstyle. Enjoy the lore-based weapons and items as you attack with your claw, blade and gun to make amazing combos and destroy all your enemies!

You can also check out and follow the game on its Twitter page to keep up with any future developments that may come.

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