EXO ONE – Pre-Alpha Access Through Kickstarter Pledge

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EXO ONE, a sci-fi adventure exploration momentum-based game about being the pilot of an alien craft, one that’s able to manipulate the laws of gravity and is the one responsible for the epic venture you’ll be taking outside of Earth’s solar system.


A game developed by Exbleative, lead by Jay Weston, who took many of us by surprise after showing just a simple animated gif of EXO ONE. I’ve had the pleasure of testing early builds of the game and had immense joy playing them.

What I’ve experienced playing the game is an increase sense of wondering, adventure, and satisfying my desire to explore beautiful alien worlds with ease through the sphere-shaped craft, which you’ll enjoy controlling as you’ll travel vast distances by rolling through the ground, jumping and gliding.

The game’s main mechanic revolves around the momentum you’ll gain by knowing how to fully utilize the craft’s abilities, from increasing and decreasing your weight to aid you in gaining momentum, gathering energy from rolling on the ground and increase the power input the faster you’ll roll. Once you gain enough power, then you’ll be able to jump high distances, then morph your craft into a dish-like shape and be able to glide! Continue your flight by going through clouds that will provide you with more energy.

The first planet I started on was gorgeous, and once I reached a certain point I was shot out of a canon-like structure towards a new second planet, one that had equal beauty and epic venture.

There will be more open worlds / planets to explore that vary in kinds, from traditional terrestrial planets to water worlds and gas giants, and I personally can’t wait to explore those marvelous designs. I also can’t wait to continue hearing the story that’s presented with some fine narration, as well as its fantastic soundtrack that fits so well when the story that’s being told and the adventure you’re experiencing.

You can get and play the same pre-alpha build upon the end of a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, if you pledge and back the game at the “EXO ONE” tier or higher, and I can’t imagine EXO ONE not getting funded.

Note: The gameplay video above does not represent the final quality of the game. Far from it.

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