Everhood, Prototype Download

Everhood, Prototype Download

Everhood is a 2.5D rhythm based adventure RPG that is like a mix of Undertale, in terms of characters and font, and Guitar Hero. The prototype is available for download on the Steam page.

Dive into a unique world where you play as a wooden doll awoken in a forest glade. You’re on a quest to retrieve your stolen arm from the blue gnome thief.

The unique gameplay of this game will have you hooked. Constantly dodge sideways or jump above musical notes heading your way. With unpredictable patterns, trippy graphics and, at times, distorted effects with a rotating platform, this game is sure to keep you on your feet.

When not in battle, explore the wonderland-esque world and meet the colorful cast of characters it offers. Be careful if someone rubs you the wrong way, as you might just end up having to fight them!

If you feel like you would be interested in this game and would like to stay up to date, then make sure to join the Discord server.

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