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Evader requires precise timing, twitch movements and sometimes a bit of luck in order to succeed. A fast-paced, do or die, top-down action game where the goal is to survive as long as possible through the onslaught of geometric enemies.

You’ll control two hexagons, one with each joystick (please use a gamepad to play this game) with a tether running between the two. You’ll fly quickly across the one plane where the game is played, but each hexagon needs to be close to one another, for the tether only goes so far. Certain enemies will need to be destroyed with the tether, some with one quick touch, others need to be held in the energy beam. Other enemies need to be completely circled in order to be defeated. Six different enemy types may not seem like a large number, but considering each has its own qualifications for defeat, balancing those enemies while dodging others becomes quite the feat.

Get hit by one of these enemies, you die. Luckily, the load times are relatively non-existent.

Evader is surprisingly strategic. Knowing when to destroy some enemies while keeping other for a bit longer is paramount. This strategy running in tangent with the already unique control scheme offers a fresh challenge. The more enemies you defeat, the more that will show up, getting faster and fast, providing an endless, treacherous struggle. The heart-pounding retro soundtrack coupled with the simplistic, geometric aesthetic complement the frantic nature of Evader. As a game-jam baby, Evader is a free download. What’s not to love.

Download the prototype jam on itch.io.

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