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Welcome to your new job. Your objective is to take pictures from a briefcase transfer in the train station. Here is your camera and one film roll.

That is basically what you need to do in Team Undercover‘s Espial: the Eye from Above. You are a spy who needs to follow and take pictures from a briefcase transfer between two other spies. Follow the briefcase at all times otherwise the mission fails. To make sure you are not seen you shall move around on the support beams of the station.

The logo and time the game takes place in reminds me of Papers Please. The menu, art style, music and background ambiance of people walking and talking throughout the train station is pretty good. I had trouble moving trough the station and positioning my mouse correctly to take good pictures because of performance issues, but I managed somehow.

I really like the concept of a spy game where you don’t need to kill a suspect but take pictures of their actions. Which makes for a game that fits all ages.

Aside from performance issues, some more explanation would be very much appreciated. You know what to do but when I took some pictures of the first briefcase transfer, I thought well, mission over. But no, the mission kept going and eventually I found out you had to keep following the briefcase. I see this game having a big potential of becoming a mix of Papers Please and Hitman.

Briefing’s over, back to work spies.

Download the student game on its itch page.

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