Escape from Tarkov – Beta Sign-Up

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A first & third person shooter that takes and combines elements from a Massive Multiplayer Online & Role Playing Games with a nice side dish of narrative focus. That’s what Escape from Tarkov is being described as.

You play as a Russian in a modern city engulfed by anarchy, where you want to discover the secrets of it and survive it. Built using the Unity engine, with a huge map to explore and survive in with other players (friends or foe) in multiple game modes.

This map will not only include the Tarkov city, but also suburb locations, a private sector, a port & a lighthouse, a few villages, forests & plains, an industrial location, and other towns. We’d like to think of the game as a mix between DayZ meets Battlefield 3 & 4 meets Destiny.

Sign-up for the closed beta here. [Beta starting in Q1 2016]

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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