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I’ve had my eye on this game for a while, and now that I had the chance to play-test the current alpha version, I’m happy to say that it’s pretty great! Escape From Tarkov, a first person online multiplayer action survival game that carries RPG and MMO features as well as aspects from the simulator-genre, and a decent story to top it all off.

What I find interesting regarding EFT, for me at least, is its location of where the play would be playing in, its focus on non-US options (although they are still in there), and a different perspective from what we usual play in the Modern Military FPS genre.

As far as how the game plays, the general feel of the game when playing is solid, with smooth controls and a nice and tidy UI to navigate through. The gun-play feels great from the sounds to animation and has that good “meaty” feel to it, generally satisfying to shooter and kill someone.

Aside from killing people in online multiplayer in a handful of maps in the current build, which is both intense and funny, I’m glad that the game features a game mode where you can go play against AI/bot opponents, even though most of the time they’re crazy accurate.

One last thing I’d like to touch on is that the sound design is fantastic, and one that plays a major roll while playing the game where you’d need to hear footsteps and other sound emitting effects cause by other players/enemies, and use it to your advantage to locate and eleminate them. Many modern shooters claimed to have great sound design, but Escape From Tarkov takes the cake.

Get alpha access and download the game on its website.

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