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I just had an Epiphany. Not like a sudden realization that I’m a crystal baby with an orb that blasts spiders and freaky green sword riders. This is more like I’m already a crystal baby with an orb that can blast spiders and freaky green sword riders. Shoutout to the developers BeerMen Games, I am terrible at recognizing game characters so I make up strange descriptions based on my whack perception. The crystal baby is actually Spark, in search of his memory chunks. Hopefully this will reveal the reason of his own existence, but what’s really buried in all those memories? Let’s take a look around but don’t walk into the sky because it hurts your health.

In Epiphany, you’re running around in a top down 2D world where you can swing your mouse in a circle around you and fire in any direction. Enemies will appear and attack, but you shouldn’t have much of a problem blasting them away with your orb. You also have a shield, blast, and cannon techniques that require a short cooldown after usage, but you shouldn’t need them too often. The real challenge is finding all the memory fragments, and then discovering what’s going on with all the other crystallized babies that look like you. There’s a very mysterious world here, and what you feel you lack, you can pick up in the shop at any time by pressing Q and opening the menu. Rack up some points by killing enemies and spend them at the store to upgrade your attack, defense, movement speed and more. You’re gonna need to buff that character of yours because it might be a long adventure searching for all those memory fragments.

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