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Wandering the floating islands of Eloryn and helping many characters that you have wronged, all while appreciating a stylish art direction, is the biggest draw in Eloryn’s Partition.

You’ll play as a mischievous masked individual named Nuby in this point-and-click adventure game. Nuby stole an ancient magical instrument and attempts to play it. Since music has magical properties and Nuby isn’t proficient with any ancient magical instruments, things so awry. He plays a bad note and splits apart Eloryn, as well as waking the spirit living within the instrument, Touba. Together, Touba and Nuby must work together to restore the land of Eloryn.

The game plays as a point and click adventure, meaning that you don’t have direct control of Nuby, but rather you tell him where to go. The light puzzle solving is executed in an interesting way. You’ll need to plan out a few steps ahead in order to complete some puzzles. For example, there is a switch that allows Nuby to hop over small gaps, but they are only activated when Nuby walks over them, and can only be placed while standing on a certain stone.  You’ll need to plan out your actions in order to solve the puzzle.

The real meat of Eloryn’s Partition doesn’t come from the gameplay, but rather that world that is built around the game. The various intractable non-playable characters ooze with personality that are thematically fitting. For example, the rock-totem is callous, while the small wood-fairy-type creature is timid and shy. The world is presented an art style that looks almost watercolor. Shades blend together, making the often brightly colored objects flora stand out.

Eloryn’s Partition is a peaceful, serene game; one whose world bleeds with character. The puzzles aren’t incredibly complicated, but offer a nice change of pace. Download it for free.

Download the beta on itch.io.

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