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Elegy is a 3D puzzle exploration game being developed by the students at DigiPen Institute of Technology. You play as a young girl named Robin who is following a trail through the woods in order to find her brother. The only thing that she has to go off of is the trail of voice recordings that he has left her.

As you explore further into the forest, you come across a little A.I. unit. The only problem with him is that he only has a head and a whole bunch of attitude. Even with that, he is willing to assist Robin in her quest to find her big brother. He will help get further and further into the electric wastes and he makes for good company to boot.

The music is enjoyable and relaxing to listen to and the commentary between Robin and the A.I. is a joy to listen to. The game environment looks amazing as well. It makes the quest to find your brother so much fun, but you do have to be careful. You may end up finding yourself having to deal with many parlous situations to try to find him.

Download the student game on its DigiPen’s page.

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