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In stories of reclamation, something is stolen from the hero. Something very important that he needs to get back, no matter what the cost. In the new 2D pixellated action adventure, Eagle Island, you are trying to get back one of your best friends, an Owl. He was snatched away by an Eagle the size of a ship and took him off to who-knows-where. Only thing you know is that he is somewhere on this island. Now, you embark on a quest with your other Owl companion to get him back.

Eagle Island has a map that is randomly generated each run. That changes the environment, the enemies, and the items that you can find. Your main attack is sending your Owl to charge at an enemy. If you miss, you have to wait a couple of seconds before you can attack again, but if you hit you can attack immediately after that and chain together kills. Chain more kills and you get more seeds, your money, and gems, your health and magic. You use seeds to open chests that you find along your path. If you can open it, you get an artifact that will help you along your path by giving you a passive buff. The red gems will heal you if you have taken damage and the blue gems will allow you access to your Owls elemental powers. You have three you can choose from. Fire causes a big area-of-effect attack, ice will freeze your enemies in place and send them falling if they are in the air, and wind will allow your Owl to fly further and pierce enemies. Using these abilities wisely is key to being able to take on enemies effectively.

The enemies all vary in their movement and the way that they attack. Birds will fly in a constant circle, but can only attack by hitting you. The fungus can’t move at all, but have a poison gas that will creep up a good distance towards you. Learning these attack patterns will help you make your way to the giant Eagle that stole your friend, and allow you to take him on and get your friend back.

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