Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters – Pre-Alpha Download

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Drunk Fu: Wasted Masters is a unique spin on the traditional PvP brawler. Taking cues from Gang Beasts developer Boneloaf, the game sees up to eight players flailing their limbs in ragdoll-centric combat, flopping about to beat their opponents to a pulp. Through my playtime, I found that there were countless methods I could use to beat my opponents to submission, from slamming them with a faceful of barstool, to flopping helplessly on the ground and hoping my hilarious ragdoll physics would clip enemies a few times.

The variety of maps, including an abandoned beachfront and a snowy alleyway, helped to keep the action fresh and varied for me and my buddies. Drunk Fu, thankfully, supports couch play, and is planned to include online play at launch. While only three game modes shipped with the build I played, developer Rusto Games has also promised to include their own spins on Capture the Flag and King of the Hill, as well as one cryptic yet potentially hilarious gamemode simply called “Slap the Swede”.

Of course, what the game currently lacks in modes, it certainly made up for in customization. Dozens of wacky shirts, hats, and pants are made available for use, making the characters’ drunken floppy stupor all the more hilarious. All in all, Drunk Fu: Wasted Masters easily has the potential to be a go-to party game (especially if there’s drinking involved!)

Download the alpha build on Gamejolt.

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