Drone Strike Force, Beta Demo Download, Steam Early Access

Drone Strike Force, Alpha Demo Download, Steam Early Access

Drone Strike Force gets beta demo that you can download over at its Steam store page, in which case you can purchase it as an Early Access title, priced at a rounded-up price of $20, if you enjoyed that demo and would want to support it.

The game is a action MMO PVP shooter developed by Odisi Games and Nimble Giant Entertainment, that wants to take the world by storm, with a competitive skill- based environment.

An epic flying simulation where you play as a destructive drone that annihilates anything that comes in its path with amazing graphics, gunning mechanics and meticulous cities.

Fly and shoot at high speeds in epic cutting edge technology, with powerful aerial combat and high velocity action.

You get to choose from an arsenal of one of a kind drones to fly into combat, and unlock all sorts of capabilities and as you level up.

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