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It’s not so fun being the new kid in town. Especially when you’re trying to sit in your back yard and play with your best friend. Now imagine some jerk in horizontal stripes walks onto your property, grabs your best friend, and rips his ear off. Your heart feels the pangs of a thousand strikes of lightning, but nothing compares to the heartache when that punk decides to keep your friend’s ear as a trophy of the lament he’s caused you. You cry and cry but your friend turns to you and says “let’s get my ear back”! These inspiring words motivate you on a quest for vengeance, and we all love those. You’re not just a sad kid running around town simply asking where the ear went. You’re a sad kid with a slingshot and the ability to find recipes for projectiles and craft more effective ammo. With your best friend guiding you through your quest to get his ear back, you’ll run about town, collect junk to craft into ammo and survive against the entire town. That’s right, for some reason no one in town knows how to raise their kids with respect, so everyone thinks it’s a great idea to make fun of you for having a teddy bear as a best friend.


You can use your slingshot to interact with objects in the world, or pick up and drop certain items. I thought shooting bee hives was a great idea, and that didn’t end so well. But boy was it satisfying starting up a lawnmower to knock down a group of jerkwads who were kicking soccer balls at me. Don’t worry, you can’t kill the kids, but you can knock them down and make them cry (my second favorite past time besides video games). The road doesn’t end when you find the captor of your friend’s ear however, so be prepared to go on quest after quest to retrieve teddy’s soggy ear piece. The game is pretty hysterical in concept, and the gameplay is nothing but hilarious. Dream Hills is an open world, quest-based action platformer. Combining the elements of gameplay from these genres, it’s pure fun. I personally enjoyed Bully by Rockstar Games, it was a simple and surprisingly immersive 3rd person adventure game, and Dream Hills seems to follow in its footsteps. For this reason alone, I would personally be following the development, so if it’s right up your alley, you can’t miss out. The game is a student project, so it isn’t without some minor bugs.

Download the student project here.

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