Dragon Ball FighterZ – Beta Sign-Up

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Arc Systems has been known for their unique art style in the popular fighting game series, Guilty Gear. They can seamlessly make a couple of 2D characters and backgrounds transition into a 3D plane when something intense happens, like a super attack goes off and hits the opponent. Well, they decided to tackle something that we didn’t realize we wanted until it actually existed. A 2D to 3D Dragon Ball Z fighting game called Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The Dragon Ball series have received numerous games over the years, but it is difficult to try to have a balanced fighting game experience that closely resembles the source material. Most of the fights are just the two combatants teleporting around each other until one gets the upper hand or they completely overpower their opponent. That sort of thing doesn’t reflect well into fighting games, but Arc Systems found a way to get it to work with careful balancing and their unique 2D to 3D transitions. This makes every fight a spectacle to watch and even more fun to play.

They are currently holding Sign-ups for the closed beta on the Xbox One and the PS4 consoles. As Dragon Ball is one of my favorite series to follow, I’m excited to try to get into the beta and see first-hand how well they have done in trying to recreate the Dragon Ball experience in a fighting game.

Sign-up for the PS4 & Xbox One closed beta on Bandai Namco’s page or here.

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