Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Registrations Open On 22nd of August

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UPDATE: Dragon Ball FighterZ beta sign-ups just went live.

Dragon Ball FigherZ was a awesome announcement, especially since it’s being developed by Arc System Works who’s known for Guilty Gear games, especially the new ones and how they care about their art and how well they show 2D designs on 3D models, and DBFZ looks like it’ll be their finest yet.

They announced a while back the beta registration will be open on the 26th of July, but it’s been delayed a whole month and beta sign-ups will gove live on the 22nd of August and the actual closed beta test on PS4 and XB1 will begin in September.

The reason for this delay is that Namco Bandai (the game’s publisher) said that the game got so much excitement from fans that they’d like to invite and hold more players to test out the game.

We’ll keep you up to date on any change and notify you once beta sign-ups go live.

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