DRAG, Alpha Demo Download, Steam Early Access

DRAG, Alpha Demo Download, Steam Early Access

DRAG gets an demo you can download over at its Steam store page, a very meticulous racing / driving game developed by Orontes Games, that utilises a “4-way contact point traction technology” to properly simulate the driving physics of a vehicle.

DRAG introduces a new kind of vehicle-physics. Have you ever noticed how cars in many racing games pivot around their center? With our 4CPT-technology and soft-body tire model we simulate every component of the vehicles in real time, down to the grab-mass of the tire profile. Resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior. Driving fast on loose surface without driving aids is exciting, challenging and ultimately hard to master. The driving feel is pure.

You can also purchase the game in its current form as an Early Access title, at a rounded-up price of $35. The developers also shared the game’s development road-map.

DRAG Early Access Road Map

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